dipping into the ink


“the history boys”

there were some really old pics on my mac ,
that i started collecting when just about the drop of a coin left me with a hard on !
it is amazing how we build up resistance to sexually provocative imagery and porn as
we grow older !

when i was in my early 20′s i could hardly make it through to the cumshot before i shot my own load ,
now i can have porn in the background while i’m responding to an e-mail or googling
whats on at the local theatre for the coming month !
everything becomes normal if you are exposed to it enough ,
i don’t know if this is funny or scary , perhaps that is why the world is so fucked up ,
because we are able to process and accept virtually anything that we thought of as
taboo when we first learned of such goings on’s !
the pics that i found for this post made me giggle a little and i may
have blushed for a split second , felt the heat of that “oh my god i never did that ” moment !
during the collection of some of these my very first ensemble of boys in underwear , while in the throws of discovering
my underwear fetish ,
i was too poor to have a computer of my own and paying for an internet connection was completely out of the
question , i could barely afford entrance to the baths !
this left me with only one option and that was to go down to the local internet cafe and buy a per hour ticket for
data and the use of a computer .
i remember this place like it was yesterday ,
it was all darkly lit , everything felt like it was washed in blue neon.
the chairs were an amazingly deep and comfy black leather office kind .
the computers were all hidden behind corners in little pairs or trio’s .
i will never forget the first time i started exploring the inter-sex-net there , my hands were shaking
and i was so nervous that someone would see i was looking at imagery of guys in various states of undress,
but it was also such a turn on that i wasn’t able to get up for 5min after my time had lapsed because of the
boner in my pants .
i soon learned that this dimly lit doorway to the interlubes was quite an attraction amongst other gay boys too.
one day whilst surfing the net in a pair of baggy cargo pants this guy came to sit next to me round back ,
i’d already been there for a while , and was caught in the trows of spandexmen.com and
leaking pre-cum like an antique faucet .
i was so shocked by the movement that instead of closing the screen i expanded it all the way .
he blatantly looked at the splattering of bulges , smiled , sat down and opened an even more explicit site .
before long he had unzipped my trousers and had taken out my cock ,
he massaged it in his hand for exactly about 5 seconds , before i shot my load all over my jacket and his
sleeve ,
it was really humiliating ,
i wanted the earth to open up and swallow me hole ,
i contemplated committing harikirri in the road ,
but instead he just smiled and said in a real sexy voice ….
thanks for the compliment kid !!!
took out … i fukking kid you not , a brilliant white handkerchief as he got up ,
he bent over and put it on my cock ,
kissed me on the cheek and walked away .
it was the first time that i had anonymous sex LOL !!
i have it a lot easier now ,
i don’t hang out in places where random strangers try to touch me anymore and
most of the time i don’t even think about stuff like that happening anymore ,
i guess i’d be the one having to do the jerking anyway .
it is not that i have lost interest in adventurous sex , it is just
that i have lost interest in that kind of adventure !
and i guess that is what happens when we really fall in love ,
the adventure changes , the experience means more , lasts (a lot) longer
and has real value .
i love that i get to practice with the same guy a lot !
i love that he never leaves me behind to clean up on my own .
i love that it actually gets better , more exciting and
i really love that it is not embarrassing or that when it is ,
it’s funny for everyone involved !!
still we all have to start somewhere ,
and it’s good to know that just like learning to ride a bike , we
fell off and got hurt many times until it became as natural as … riding a bike !!
we are all “history boys”
no matter the size of your load .