i like a closet full of joe !


when you are holding up a freak flag
whilst sliding down the gay banister called life and
your aim is to turn your bulge into a 4th of july
explosion of sheer delight and eye popping
horniness ….
then joe snyder is probably the kind of closet
you would like to fall inn so that you can burst out of it later !!

a lot of companies boast that they will put a rainbow of bulge-enhancing wear ,
in the pathways of your easter egg hunt for the ultimate erotic underwear hunt .
i find that this sometimes leads to such extreme designs that they loose focus on the fact
that most of us would like to go to the beach without being arrested .
i have a thing for the kind of swimwear that looks like it has been painted on ,
often i have ended up with an order that looks fairly nice in the packet
until you try it on and find that your cock disappears behind the kind of padding that
the use in a pampers diaper !
now gentleman …. what the hell is the point of that ,
unless you have a huge problem with an after-drip from not shaking enough before
you walk out of the little boys room !!

joe snyder definitely deserves a mexican wave for it’s unlined innovation ,
the fact is that this is simply the sexiest way for a pair of swim briefs to be worn ,
no matter if you are packing a anaconda or a baby rattler ,
it simply makes your cock look a lot bigger !
if you are worried that the lack of lining will cause it to go sheer in the water,
i can really recommend purchasing the blue’s and red’s ,
the color stays soloed even when wet !

JS also sports a very hot range of jockstraps , and singlets ,
there is also the range of enhancers that will give you the right lift under
an ordinary pair of speedo’s !
and for those who are into bushwhacking there is also the JS “camo” range that you
could probably wear while cruising the bushes of your favorite local park ,
although i would advise taking a flashlight if you decide on this option as you might need to signal your prospective fuck
in morse as you may be harder to spot in these !
i am sure there are boys in the army that are secretly wearing these underneath their combats !

but it is the latest range from JS that leaves me standing a puddle of pre-cum !
the …. “metallic” range !!
i don’t think any other company has ever pulled off metals with so much success !
metals are hard to do , most of the time you end up looking like the stripper from a half -way
house in the country , or the man that went to greece for the past 80 holidays and has now
had enough reconstructive surgery so that he can now be the body double of rod stewart .
but JS has kept metal looking masculine , and fluid , an almost airbrushed look
that makes you wish they could spray paint your car in the same color !
it is a range for the extrovert and the brave but if you want all the attention focused
on your bulge this is the one for you , for me and for everyone ,
i actually feel there should be a designated JS beach in the world where it is mandatory
to wear either this brand only …. or nothing !
i may end up building a hut on that beach or just living under my umbrella!

JS is for “joe snyder” or “just so friggin sexy”